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HUO (excerpt)

2018, 29 min. A portrait of the curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist, in which he asks questions that remain unanswered. HUO is a layered deconstruction of an individual, whose dream to realise the unrealisable remains. Credits and Images

Congregation  (excerpt)

2017, 6 min. (In collaboration with Paul Becker.) Congregation is a homage to the artist Dieter Roth’s project “Reykjavik Slides (31,035) Every View of a City” in which Roth attempted to take an image of all houses in the capital of Iceland. Credits

I am a Man of my own Making, She says. He pauses. Now tie on the Rocket.  (excerpt)

2013, 8 min. (In collaboration with Paul Becker.) I am a Man of my own Making ... juxtaposes a series of seemingly divergent spoken texts against film of a Three-Toed Sloth in London Zoo. Credits

We are Sculptures in Reverse  (excerpt)

2014, 8 min. (In collaboration with Paul Becker.) "You said she imagined a film? Yes. She had conceived of a scenario wherein an entire film, a film of no great length, would be set beneath a large white sheet; a sheet we would never properly see beneath ..." Credits

The Interpreters  (excerpt)

2009, 22 min. Twelve interpreters at the European Commission in Brussels form a conversation whilst interpreting each other. This happens without a conference taking place.

Facing  (excerpt)

2004, 25 min. The BBC cameraman Darren Conway, who accompanied British soldiers in the Iraq War in 2003 as an “embedded” journalist, comments on his own documentary and his personal perception of the theatre of war. 

The Editor's Cut  (excerpt)

2004, 6 min. As if in a kind of closed-circuit situation a BBC newsreel editor is editing a film that is being shot at the same time, while a correspondent spontaneously offers a meaningless commentary on it. 

Mediated Cooperation 

2002, 4 min. The filmic documentation was made in the context of an exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany with works by the artist Sophie von Hellermann. Johannes Maier arranged a moderated press conference for the occasion. 

Exspectators  (excerpt)

2000, 8 min. The work feeds on the whispered descriptions of expectations or recollections of the film that is about to start in a cinema. 

Vali and Ameneh  (excerpt)

2000, 6 min. Vali and Ameneh are seen talking in Farsi and English about films and art they have seen or not seen, and hence as this narrative works with descriptions, the camera is just as cautiously feeling out the space and its surfaces as well as their faces. Credits and Images

Westminster 2000  (excerpt)

2000, 6 min. College Green opposite the Houses of Parliament in London is the site of interviews that the filmmaker conducted with five news correspondents.


1998, 2.30 min. Precisely clapped and sung football fan songs are rehearsed, in a stadium but by a choir that is all alone, performing on otherwise empty stands. These songs fall victim to the unpredictable.

Sirene Sang Sie

1998, 2 min. On a suburban street in front of an apartment building an opera singer sings along with a police siren.

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